2019 Past State Deputies' Award

To be presented Saturday at the State Convention; Deadline to submit form is Feb. 28.

The "Past State Deputies Award" was instituted in remembrance of, and tribute to all PAST STATE DEPUTIES who have served the Louisiana Jurisdiction, Knights of Columbus. The plaque, presented annually at the State Convention, is 9.5" by 12" in size consisting of a Louisiana Past State Deputy's medallion mounted on a deep-blue velvet matting with an engraved plate as follows:


For Dedicated Service
To Church, Country and Columbianism.

Nominations for the award will be submitted annually by any Louisiana Knight of Columbus member in good standing, on a standard nomination form. The Advisory Board of Past State Deputies will review all nominations and select the recipient of the "Annual Past State Deputies Award". The Chairman of the Advisory Board shall be the coordinator for this program.

1982Bishop Charles P. Greco 1983Bishop Stanley J. Ott 1984Archbishop Philip M. Hannan 1985Abbot David Melancon,oSB
1986Louis Mathieu 1987Bishop Warren L. Boudreaux 1988Adam Loup 1989Msgr. John Weber
1990Leroy J. Langlois 1991Rev. Daniel Walsh, CSC 1992Jeff Laque 1993Leo A. Cavell
1994Truman Stacey 1995Msgr. Irving Deblanc 1996Charles S. Leblanc 1997Claude E. Daviet
1998Msgr. Carson LaCaze 1999Orleans Pitre 2000Msgr. Joseph Susi 2001James Lark
2002Msgr. Earl Provenza 2003Edmond J. Twohig 2004Bishop William B. Friend 2004J.T. McBride
2005Charles Miceli 2006D. George Wedge 2007John Young 2008Frank Guarisco
2009John Hains 2010Fr. Francis J. Carabello 2011Wilmer Dugas 2012James Hubbell
2013Gaspar "Steve" Stall 2014Charles "CD" Mouton 2015Bishop Ronald Herzog
& Leo R. Segalla, Sr.
 2016Donald J. Naquin
2017Paul J. deMahy 

  1. Any Louisiana Knight of Columbus member in good standing at the time of the exemplary service. If awarded posthumously, or at some length of time after the exemplary service, nominee must have been in good standing at the time of death or now, if still living.
  2. Any Louisiana Knight who has exemplified loyal service to the Church, responsible citizenship to the country and outstanding dedication to the principles of Columbianism.
  3. Past State Deputies are not eligible for this award.

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