1. (5 points) Council MUST submit a State Council Service Program Award and Entry Form (Form STSP) to the State Council Office (P.O. Box 51166, Lafayette, LA 70505-1166, or 2006 West Pinhook Road, Lafayette, LA 70508) by April 5, 2018, to be eligible for these five (5) points. The State Office will verify receipt of form and award points accordingly.
2. (15 points) A completed "Family of the Year" nomination form that was received by the Family Life Director, postmarked within the assigned deadline.
3. (10 points) "Family of the Month" points to be awarded based on records received from Supreme Council prior to deadline. (10 POINTS FOR A MINIMUM OF 8, GRADING RECORDS INCLUDE APRIL TO MARCH)
4. (10 points) Does your Council have a Family Director that speaks about Family Issues, or topics to promote Family wellness such as Fathers for Good and share topic of the month with Brother Knights at least twice a year?

5. (10 points) Did your Council have a Family Activity in which ALL family members could participate?

6. (10 points) Were family members and/or widows of a deceased/sick member of the Knights of Columbus kept aware of and invited to Council activities?

7. (10 points) Aside from prayers, give an example of how your Council has helped a member/family member/widow who was sick or in distress. (Such as, preparing a meal, taking them to Church or a Doctor appointment, cut the grass, etc)

8. (10 points) Did your Council ask Families from your Church Parish to participate in Food Drive, Baby Bottle Campaign, or collect blankets or coats for needy families during the course of the year and help distribute them?

9. (10 points) In what way did your Council members promote and/or participate in Marriage Retreats, and/or Family Retreats? If yes, what was done?

10. (10 points) Does your Council send "Resolution of Condolence" certificates to the family of a deceased member on behalf of the the entire council? (Certificate #1450 E,F,S) or, was a Mass/Rosary/Bishop Greco Memorial Card, or other prayer service offered for a deceased/sick member of the Knights of Columbus? If yes, what was done?