1. (30 points) Spiritual Reflection Program. (Mandatory for the Columbian Award) Did the council plan and participate in prayers and reflection together as a fraternity, such as attending a retreat or day of reflection together or organize their own event?
2. (90 points) Did the council conduct or host any of the following seven programs?
(30 points for each program; maximum is 90 points). Check up to three.

3. (20 points) Quarterly Communions. Did the council conduct at least 4 quarterly Communions?
4. (20 points) Support Our Priests. Did the council provide material, financial, labor or other support to its parish priest or chaplain?
5. (20 points) Seminarian Mission Fund. Did the Council submit raffle ticket proceeds of at least $100 or make a donation to the "Seminarian Mission Fund" of at least $100? Points will be awarded based on stubs and cash received by Delmas Forbes (fund chairman) that councils submit to him prior to the drawing on December 2nd.
6. (10 points) The Father Michael J. McGivney Guild. Did the council promote the Father McGivney Guild and encourage members to join the guild?
7. (10 points) Form STSP. Council must submit a State Council Service Program Award and Entry Form for FAITH to the State Office, P.O. Box 51166, Lafayette, LA 70505-1166. It must be received by April 5, 2019, to be eligible for these ten (10) points. This form or it attachments cannot be submitted online.