1. (30 points) Consecration to the Holy Family. (Mandatory for the Columbian Award) Did the council invite families of their parish to offer the prayer of Consecration to the Holy Family?
2. (90 points) Did the council conduct or host any of the following seven programs?
(30 points for each program; maximum is 90 points). Check up to three.

3. (20 points) Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest. Did the council host a Keep Christ in Christmas contest by the deadline announced by State Council? Points will be awarded based on a copy of Form 5023 sent by the council to the Youth Chairman Delmas Forbes.
4. (20 points) Family of the Year. Did the council submit a completed “Family of the Year” nomination form to the State Family Director Keith Gros by April 5th. Points to be determined by the Family Director.
5. (10 points) Condolences. Did the Council send "Resolution of Condolence" certificates to the family of a deceased member or, was a Mass, Rosary, Bishop Greco Memorial Card, or other prayer service offered for a deceased/sick member of the Knights of Columbus?
6. (20 points) Fraternal Benefits. Did the council host or participate in a Fraternal Benefits Night or similar event to promote and inform members and families about fraternal benefits and insurance products?
7. (10 points) Form STSP. Council must submit a State Council Service Program Award and Entry Form for FAMILY to the State Office, P.O. Box 51166, Lafayette, LA 70505-1166. It must be received by April 5, 2019, to be eligible for these ten (10) points. This form or it attachments cannot be submitted online.