Proposed Columbian Award Application (Proposed SP7)


Submission of this fully completed form by December 31, 2020 earns the council 100 points towards the State Deputy's Award. "Fully completed" means identifying at least 4 program credits in each of the four Faith in Action categories. Conducting a Featured Program (FP) counts as two programs for that Faith in Action category. It should be completed to best of the council's ability.

The programs listed on this proposal can be: what the council has conducted; plans to conduct; and/or is considering conducting.

This proposed form will not and should not be submitted to Supreme Council. The council's actual Columbian Award Application (SP7) of completed programs must be filed with Supreme by June 30.

The Louisiana State Directors will review and use the council’s proposed Columbian Award plan to assist and advise the council as needed.

Earning the Columbian Award

In order to qualify for the Supreme Council’s Columbian Award, your council must:

  1. Conduct at least four major programs in each of the categories of Faith, Family, Community and Life.

    Councils are permitted to report programs that are not part of the Supreme Council's recommended programs, as long as the program is reported in the proper category.

    Featured Program counts as two programs. If your council reports a Featured Program, ensure that the program's minimum requirements are met and reported on the designated form in order to receive credit for two activities in that category.

    Examples of activities that should not be reported on the Columbian Award application are: Eucharistic minister, lector, ushers, choir, coaching, school board volunteering, donations (monetary and goods), scholarships, sponsoring of trips and teams, etc.

  2. Submit the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728);

    Submit the Service Program Personnel Report (#365); and

    Submit the Columbian Award Application (SP7)

  3. Be Safe Environment compliant, which is required for the Grand Knight, Community Director, Family Director, and Program Director.

  4. Be current on your payments of Supreme Council per-capita and assessments.

Supreme Council's Featured and Recommended Programs

Proposed Plan