February 22, 2014

Dear Brothers,

I just received a very disturbing phone call from Father Scott Chemino, Vicar General of the Alexandria Diocese, regarding our State Chaplain, Bishop Ronald Herzog. Bishop Herzog has suffered a minor stroke. He is at Cabrini Hospital in Alexandria and is recovering. Bishop Herzog noticed a few mornings ago that he was having difficulty buttoning his shirt, so he called a priest for assistance. He was taken to Cabrini hospital for observation. Overnight the condition worsened and subsequently was diagnosed as a minor stroke affecting his left side. He is stable and recovering at this time and undergoing rehab. His speech is okay, however, he lost about 10%, so he is able to communicate well. He is having difficulty with his left arm and leg, thus the rehab. Father Chemino indicated that the doctors and therapists are indicating that it may take as long as a few months for Bishop Herzog to return to some normalcy.

Father Chemino also indicated that due to all of the rehab and medication that Bishop Herzog is taking, that NO VISITORS ARE ALLOWED. Please honor this request. Instead, please spread the word and let's all pray for our beloved State Chaplain. Offer Masses, for him. I know that he will appreciate his brother knights praying for him. I know for a fact that he is always praying for us.

As I receive information and up dates I will send them on, please do not spread rumors, even if they are well intended. Once again, PRAY FOR BISHOP HERZOG DAILY.


John Boudreaux, State Deputy
Louisiana State Council
Knights of Columbus

Bishop Herzog's March Chaplain's Message.

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